The Only Precision Best Seller Rank and High Resolution Keyword Tracker for Amazon Sellers!

Track Keywords and BSR Up to Every Hour

Get data as frequently as every hour for correlating Best Seller Rankings™ (BSR) and keyword movements. High resolution data allows you to supercharge your listing optimization and promotions focusing only on the keywords that impact your sales the most.

Track Keywords in Multiple Categories

The Amazon™ auto-shift from All Departments to deeper categories for specific keyword searches literally makes other trackers useless – they return rankings only for All Departments. Z9Tracker™ is the only option available to track your BSR and keyword rankings in every department for your product.

Annotations for Tracking Optimizations and Promotions

With unlimited annotations, you can track promotions, listing changes, back end data updates, price changes, best seller badge acquisition, or anything else for that matter. Additionally, the ability to see annotations throughout every data view will allow you to easily correlate keyword and BSR impact as a result of your promotions, listing changes, and optimizations.

Best Seller Ranking Overlay

We’ve taken advantage of the potential high resolution BSR data and used it as a reference display on every graph. This means that when looking at a single keyword, comparing multiple keywords, or long graph list, your BSR data is right there for easy correlation. You will always know exactly how a drop or increase in keyword ranking position affects your BSR in an easy to digest format.

Infinite Timelines Built for Keyword and Data Retention

So, you pay for the tracking data, but you don’t get to view it even if you are still paying for your subscription? Not with Z9Tracker™! As long as your subscription remains active and you don’t delete the product or keyword, you will have access to all of the tracked data on your products to sort and analyze to your heart’s content.

Compare Multiple Keywords

Want to view multiple keywords in multiple categories with annotations and BSR overlay all in the same graph? No problem! Pick up to 5 keywords at a time to compare simultaneously and you are off to data analysis heaven! The ability to show/hide individual data streams lets you declutter and focus on exactly what makes you the most money.

Browse Every Keyword At Once

Want to see all of your keywords at the same time without having to open each individually? We’ve got you covered there too. There is a report that allows you to choose any number of keywords and scroll through the data all at once. Naturally, the BSR overlay and annotations are available for correlational analysis as well.

And So Much More...

Z9Tracker is far above any other tracker on the market simply because it pays attention to detail and focuses on being the best Amazon listing keyword and BSR tracker. Even little things like intuitive database filtering from a product level and keyword level is available to you, making your analysis smooth and efficient.

As Amazon and the needs of Amazon sellers evolves, we’re poised to add and refine the features that will help you succeed without any of the filler.

The Bottom Line

When you know the precise optimization structure and keyword promotion strategy that influences your BSR and increases your product’s exposure the most, you save a lot of time and money on your way to increased profitability. With Z9Tracker, you can make these hyper focused, intelligent promotional and optimization decisions using the high-level data correlation that no other tracker or Amazon seller tool can match. Take advantage of Z9Tracker and use it to guide your listing in the right direction without wondering whether your efforts will improve sales or if you are wasting money on promotional spending.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on in for a free 3 day trial on a Basic Subscription to see if Z9Tracker is right for you while we are still at Beta pricing. We believe you will love it! If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can do so by clicking the support link at the top right of this page. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the inside!

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Up to Tens of Thousands of Keywords
All of Your Products
Multiple Departments
BSR Overlay on Every Graph
Data as often as Every Hour
Unlimited Annotations

Note: Plan pricing and features may change after the Beta period

Frequently Asked Questions


My existing tracker has more features than Z9Tracker. Why do I want just a tracker?

That is precisely the issue. While we certainly respect the hard work that goes into making a one-stop-shop software for an Amazon seller, it always looks like the tracking side is just an afterthought. The rest of the trackers we tried to use did not provide the useful high resolution data needed to make informed optimization and promotion decisions. Since high frequency tracking of keywords and BSR wasn't available, we were unable to draw definitive conclusions on the ranking positions that had the most impact on sales. We developed the most sophisticated keyword and BSR tracking software because we *needed* that data and other trackers did not provide it.


Why are some subscriptions so expensive?

Pulling data from multiple categories for multiple keywords for each product hourly has a much higher cost than retrieving just one rank once daily. If you compare the price of other trackers and calculate the number of data points you are getting, you'll find Z9Tracker is actually much less per data point. The lack of data correlation and poor data resolution can often be more harmful than not having data at all.


I use customer search terms to determine the keywords that improve my sales, why do I need this tracker to help me?

Customer search terms are a great place to start building a promotion and optimization strategy, however the keywords will operate differently in an organic search environment. Organic ranking positions are surrounded by different products than the collection of the ad environments and due to this, click through rates will always be different. The best strategy is to segment the highest value customer search terms and promote them individually to see which has the most profound impact on BSR as it rises through the rankings. This will allow you to correlate which category improvement improves BSR the most which is not something you can get from any ad report.